An interactive audio-visual installation featuring real-time music and visual sequencing in anaglyph 3D that is controlled by visitors to the gallery.

V.O2 GRAVITY was a large scale interactive audio and video installation featuring stunning visuals, projection mapping, surround sound and anaglyph 3D multi screen environments. The exhibition explored the properties of gravity through sound, moving image and music via input devices that can be controlled by the public. V.02 GRAVITY is a giant 3D A/V immersive and participatory environment masterminded by Digital Artists Aron Brown, Oli Melia, Rob Newman and Aaron Bradbury. The exhibition included newly commissioned music created by Robin Newman in collaboration with leading artists from Mumbai; Tabla Player and Dubstep composer Mayur Narvekar and Music Producer Pritesh Varia from Bandish Projekt with leading classical Tabla Player and composer Hiren Chate.

The exhibition also featured one of my all-time favourite “stupid ideas”; a secret ‘Bananarama’ mode which could only be activated when two people held onto hanging fruits across the gallery space and then linked hands. This would make an alarm sound, all the lights in the space turn yellow and a huge 3D spinning banana would take over the projected surfaces.

The installation ran from Dec 14th 2013 to Feb 23rd 2014 and was QUAD gallery’s most popular exhibition to date. There’s a brief video that gives an idea of the visual and musical style of the experience. This was a hugely fun but taxing project to work on and there’s loads more information about it on Aaron Bradbury’s production blog.