This commission was for a score to accompany an art installation which comprised of a large theatrical set that the visitor could explore and search within for augmented reality interventions via an iPad app. The set was designed to morph between various filmic tropes (going from a film noir detective office to a Shining-esque hotel via Twin Peaks before arriving in a dusty archive and ending up in a moving train carriage) and the soundtrack was to encompass influences from, and be evocative of those genre pieces.

I played extensively with the idea of time becoming fluid and irrelevant within this piece. The filmic locations that would be created could never exist together in a real-world space and I wanted to create that sense of unease and discovery for the listener. The sound would be played throughout the entire space and not localised to each room that inspired it so this would add to the unnatural quality of the experience and helped to inform a more overall aesthetic – which was to be a reinterpretation of musical styles that might have fitted each locale rather than a wholesale emulation of their musical identities. This would lead me to experiment with the manipulation of 1930’s jazz records to create “ghosts” of an imagined aural past and to process traditional instrumentations in ways that might be more in keeping with the approaches of contemporary electronic productions.

The full score can be heard and downloaded from Soundcloud: