How to control a Korg Volca Sample from a Drum Rack in Ableton Live

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So the Korg Volca Sample is a great little sampler and bags of fun but it tends to suffer from the same issues a lot of cheaper bits of kit do – it’s basically great for making short loops but things can get repetitive quickly. This method lets you use the more capable sequencing of Ableton […]

Writing about music is like dancing about architecture? – the one instrument you should use first to start creating

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I’ve got a hard drive full of half songs. Usually, they’re not fully-fledged, walking, talking song-children because I start them and then go down a rabbit hole. Trying to make them sound good and forgetting what the inspirational spark was in the first place. Obsessing over sounds often turns into procrastination. It keeps us from finishing even a first draft. […]