Jamchester 2017 progress report…

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So we’re at Jamchester and I’m taking a time out to vomit out some words on how we’re getting on.  So by way of intro, Jamchester is a Game Jam event in which teams of up to 4 people try to create a prototype for a computer game in around 40 hours.  We arrived a […]

Jamchester 2017

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I’m going to be taking part in Jamchester 2017 later this month with my buddy Aaron, his brother Duane and mister Joel Keers.  We’ve got some stupid ideas up our sleeves so I’ll be sure to document the idiocy…

Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Microphone System – first impressions

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At my studio, we recently backed a kickstarter for the Sphere L22 Microphone System from Townsend Labs. I’d seen a similar product from Slate Digital which looked cool but to be honest, I just wasn’t that interested in the idea of a modelling microphone. I find the analog vs digital debate and all the modelling and […]

How to control a Korg Volca Sample from a Drum Rack in Ableton Live

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So the Korg Volca Sample is a great little sampler and bags of fun but it tends to suffer from the same issues a lot of cheaper bits of kit do – it’s basically great for making short loops but things can get repetitive quickly. This method lets you use the more capable sequencing of Ableton […]

New music

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I’ve uploaded a new thing I’ve been playing around with. Its a little idea that started by playing with Cycling74’s excellent Pushpong music sequencer in Max for Live. I wanted to experiment with something that didn’t have much melody and was mainly based around generative sub-bass events. I then layered some little sound experiments over the top, and […]

University of Derby Music Production Show

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I’ll be taking part in a panel discussion for the University of Derby‘s annual Music Production Show. There’s loads of exciting stuff on the schedule for the day including a Modular Synth Jam and some software previews, etc. Places are free and if you’ve an interest in music production and electronics then it’s well worth taking […]

Writing about music is like dancing about architecture? – the one instrument you should use first to start creating

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I’ve got a hard drive full of half songs. Usually, they’re not fully-fledged, walking, talking song-children because I start them and then go down a rabbit hole. Trying to make them sound good and forgetting what the inspirational spark was in the first place. Obsessing over sounds often turns into procrastination. It keeps us from finishing even a first draft. […]