More than an audio engineer – Robin has years of experience in audio/visual and artistic projects. Working on such a diverse range of unique projects has required him to assume many roles at once, finding new solutions for world-first exhibitions, managing budgets, driving trucks full of equipment, developing code, projecting onto the sides of buildings, and more.


Robin studied Audio Engineering, before co-creating his first recording studio and teaching facility ‘Stone Soup’ in Nottingham and Derby. He currently co-owns the commercial recording studio Snug Recording Company, where he works as a Producer, Recording and Mixing Engineer. His work here ranges from projects with bands, solo artists, orchestras and choirs; electronic music production, sound design and dubbing for short and feature length films, television and advertising.


Robin has composed pieces for various films, art installations and advertisements. His production experiences and collaboration with other artists allow him to incorporate elements from many styles of music within his own compositions and inform decisions that produce his unexpected and diverse range of work.


Many of Robin’s projects have explored relationships between sound and visual representations. These have taken the form of art installations, live performance productions and film/animated works. Some of these can be checked out in the Portfolio section.

Technical & Beyond

Good project management has always been key to realising and delivering his projects. Through his career, Robin has learned new skills with a hands-on approach to research and development. His understanding and exploration of technology allows him to meet the requirements of his projects and forms the inspiration for many of his creative endeavours.