So we’re at Jamchester and I’m taking a time out to vomit out some words on how we’re getting on. 

So by way of intro, Jamchester is a Game Jam event in which teams of up to 4 people try to create a prototype for a computer game in around 40 hours. 

We arrived a little early on Friday to setup our “big crazy dome”. We wanted to try creating a game for the dome because… it would be interesting. Personally, I think limitations are pretty important when you’ve got a pretty wide remit so the dome is a GOOD THING. Despite being a lot of work and making our brains cry with all the angles and distortions that need considering.

I’ve never actually worked in game audio before. Done bits of sound design and composition for them before but never actually had to get my audio into a game engine myself. Step in FMOD, a layer of useability between my DAW-trained brain and Unity; the game engine we’re building in. 

So far I’ve learned loads and it’s been great! I really like having to get my head around audio in a new way like this. Everything becomes flexible in a way that is kind of closest to live performance. The player will conduct my soundtrack and trigger my designs with their input and capability in the game and FMOD allows a lot of flexibility to jump around sections of audio depending on in-game factors. 

We have until midday tomorrow. We might have a game by then, who knows. Either way, we’re having a great time trying. 

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